Managing Forestland for Generations

Clear Creek Forest Management is a professional consulting forestry firm. We will partner with you to develop customized multiple-use forest management plans, so you can maximize your enjoyment of the land today and protect your investment for the future.


Why Choose Clear Creek Forest Management?

Choose Clear Creek Forest Management (CCFM) when both your short- and long-term land health interests are at stake. CCFM aims to build a strong and lasting business partnership with you. We take tremendous pride in our work, we will treat your forest land as if it was our own, and we aim to optimize your investment for the long run. CCFM's owner, Scott Reigel, has had some of the same clients for more than 13 years.

CCFM fully understands the sensitivity of a forestland investment. We want to protect your interests, your wealth, and your happiness so that you do not make a mistake that could take a generation to repair. Place your trust in CCFM and watch your investment grow.

Our Mission Statement

CCFM's mission is to create long-term business growth for our clients through ethical and effective forest management applications.

Well-managed forests can serve many purposes: wildlife, recreation, timbering, real estate development and more. To ensure the longevity of your forest resources, Clear Creek Forest Management focuses on maximizing Mother Nature's potential with ethical and effective silvicultural practices. This enables us to improve forest health, shorten rotation times, and increase revenue returns for our clients.

Company History

Formed in January 2009, Clear Creek Forest Management, LLC, was built on the extensive forestry experiences of owner Scott Reigel. Prior to forming the company, Scott co-owned a consulting forestry firm for 6 years, and worked as a log yard manager and log scaler for a sawmill operation for 3 years. Clear Creek Forest Management has enjoyed success and strong growth since its founding.


Clear Creek Forestry Management helps clients at every stage of forestland or forest product ownership. Clients include corporate, investment, private, federal and state forestland owners, from small acreage through large acreage holdings. We operate within strict ethics of confidentiality and professionalism to solve complex requests.


Let our clients tell you that Clear Creek Forest Management is the right company for you! We have references available for every kind of service CCFM offers. Contact us today!

Professional Memberships

West Virginia Registered Professional Forester
West Virginia Forestry Association
Society of American Foresters
National Wild Turkey Federation
Trout Unlimited